Flat Roof Systems

We pride ourselves on offering an array of choices to suit a variety of roof projects and all budgets. For flat roofs, we offer five different services, each having a number of options for you to choose from, including colour, style, number of layers and U-value (insulation properties). Take a closer look at the services available.

Single Ply Membranes

Generally suitable for all domestic properties and application methods, we use superior quality, single-ply, EVA membranes, for a wide range of flat roof constructions. The waterproofing membranes do not retain dirt; promote heat reflection; remain resistant to damage and are easy and quick to install. They can even be recycled.

We are approved contractors for Alwitra, who are leading manufacturers in the UK. Guarantees are available, ranging between 10-20 years, some of which can be insurance backed.

High Performance Torch-On Felt Systems

Torch-on felt systems (or ‘mineral felt systems’, as they are also known) are made up of three layers of felt. They offer an exceptional level of performance, using the latest technology in felt systems. They come in a large range, to suit all budgets.

We are approved installers for a number of manufacturers of this type of flat roof covering, including Soprema, Bauder, Axter and Bailey. We can offer 20-year guarantees with some products.

Liquid Roofing

Liquid roofing systems, unsurprisingly, are applied as a liquid! They are applied cold and the properties of the liquid membrane make them an ideal choice for areas with difficult access or requiring intricate detailing. The liquid creates a seamless waterproof barrier with a UV resistant coating. A choice of build ups (or layers) are available depending on project requirements. We are approved contractors for Triflex, Westwood and Fleet.

Liquid waterproofing is suitable for not only roofing, but also balconies and walkways. A range of colours and effects are available, including tile effect and stone resin. The results are good quality and aesthetically pleasing.

Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt roofing is applied as a hot, thick liquid substance to form a continuous covering over flat, as well as sloped or curved surfaces. It can be used around pipes, roof lights and other projections. It is extremely waterproof, as well as durable and flexible.

Mastic asphalt can be laid on most types of rigid sub-structures, such as concrete, timber and metal decking. Furthermore, thermal insulation materials can be easily laid as part of a mastic asphalt roofing specification, to add effective heat retention.

All of our asphalters are certified to the highest standards.

Green Roofing

Want a modern, sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your roof? Consider a biodiverse green roof. Using a series of interlocking trays, we can create turf or wildflower green roofs, available for a wide range of buildings. Today, they are easy to install, and offer high quality sound insulation and structural protection.

We are approved installers of Insta-grufe, supplied by ANS Global. See their case studies here to learn more about the stunning, durable and effective roof solutions on offer.

Do get in touch to find out more and for recommendations as to which roofing solutions will best suit your requirements. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation, quote for any service.Contact Us